Lower Your AC Bill with These 8 Easy Tips

Lower Your AC Bill with These 8 Easy Tips.

We’ve reached another scorching central California summer, and the question on everyone’s mind is how to lower your AC bill? Cranking up the AC to sub-zero temperatures isn’t feasible all the time! It’s neither budget-friendly nor good for the environment.

And some vintage Sacramento and Bay Area homes don’t even have central air! Whether you have a cooling system or not, if you’re looking to drop your monthly utility bills and reduce your environmental impact, we’ve got a few creative solutions for you!

The Bell Brothers team put together these inexpensive and simple ways to stay cool without breaking the summertime budget!

Hang Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains trap heat over the winter months, and they keep it at bay during the warm summer months. By blocking heat from the sun more effectively, you can reduce the amount of solar gain in your home and keep the temperature down.

Blackout curtains are a great way to help lower your AC bill
You’ll be cranking up the air conditioner a little bit less while simultaneously saving your furniture, pictures, and rugs from the damage of sun fade.

Blackout curtains can be more expensive than regular curtains, but you don’t need them in every room. Hang them strategically where the most light comes and where your family spends the most time.

Cool Quickly with Whole House Fans

A whole house fan can rapidly cool your home at night by bringing the cool night air inside. Simply crack your windows, keep interior doors open, and flip the switch. The fan will inhale the outdoor air and bring in a strong, cool breeze to quickly drop the temperature.

It does require professional installation, so this isn’t a DIY option for every central California homeowner. But it will be much cheaper to run on a daily basis than your air conditioner, helping you save on monthly power bills. While Bell Brothers does not install whole house fans, but a number of local providers do.

Run it again in the early morning hours to quickly drop the temperature for the day. If you’re concerned about moisture, adding a dehumidifier will keep that from happening. Even if you have to buy a dehumidifier, a whole house fan would still be cheaper to operate than your air conditioner.

Spin Ceiling Fan Counter-Clockwise

Check your ceiling fan for a directional switch to change how it spins. By switching the fan to rotate counter-clockwise, you will better circulate cool air while pushing warm air upwards. In the winter, switch it back to clockwise to push the warm air back down to reduce your heating bills.

Make Homemade Frozen Treats with The Kids

This is an easy and fun activity for kids and families that everyone looks forward to every summer. It also helps you keep more money in your pocket when the neighborhood ice cream truck rolls around. Surprise! You have cool treats ready to go!

Get creative and try some of these:

  • Slushies
  • Popsicles
  • Juice pops
  • Frozen yogurt pouches
  • Homemade ice cream
  • Add some greens for a healthier option

Cool Down in The Bath or Shower

Cool off with a midday rinse in a cool shower or take a dip in a cool bath. Create a relaxing setting and pick up your favorite book or audiobook or chill background music. Like frozen treats, this is also a way to decrease your body temperature that’s extremely effective.

Taking a cold shower when you're hot can help lower your AC bill.

Crockpot Cooking Saves the Day

The last thing you want to do in the heat of summer is to cook hot and greasy food over the stove for an hour. And baking is the same, or worse! And cooking outside is just heat from two sources, the sun, and the BBQ.

Your pressure cooker and crockpot aren’t just for fall chilis and winter soups! Get on Pinterest and get creative to stay cool in the kitchen this summer.

Drink More Water

Staying hydrated in the summer is especially important. Your body is working harder to keep from overheating and drinking lots of fluids will cool your body down from the inside out. Keep partially full water bottles in the freezer to jump-start your next refill.

The colder the water temperature, the more refreshing the cool down! If your fridge doesn’t have a water dispenser, keep water bottles cold in the fridge or a refillable jug for a more economical solution.

Tune-Up Your AC Every Year

Scheduling regular tune-ups is an important part of having a lower ac bill.

Scheduling regular AC maintenance is similar to car maintenance. It may drive fine, but it could save you money if it was running more efficiently. Your air conditioner tune-ups should be considered the same to make sure it’s running as effectively and safely as possible. Bell Brothers technicians are at the ready to help you beat the heat this summer! Schedule an AC maintenance appointment with our team today!