Save Money on Your Air Conditioning Bill

How To Save Money On Your Air Conditioning Bill

What You Can Do To Improve  A/C Performance Today

We often get questions about A/C units and systems, and the most commonly asked question is:

“What can I do with my old A/C system? It doesn’t seem to be running well this year.”

To save money on your air conditioning bills and get your system into peak performance, you should have a certified A/C technician take a look.

It’s pretty simple: Your HVAC system runs 24/7, either heating or cooling your home, and during that time, it gathers dust, burns the dust, it even creates deposits that will slow the unit down. A coil that’s filled with dust just won’t work right. Some of the parts of your system that should be checked at least twice a year are: the motor, the coils, the blower, the drain system, and the fluid/gas pressure. Over time, all of these parts can experience wear, clogging, leaks, and pressure loss.

Having a certified HVAC technician look at your A/C unit could save you quite a lot of money. First – if it’s running more efficiently, it won’t use as much electricity. Second, if it does break down due to, say – a burned out motor – you could be out several thousand dollars.

If you compare the cost of a simple inspection to the cost of replacing the unit, you’ll see – it pays have your unit looked at periodically.

Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Air of Modesto, CA and Elk Grove, CA is a  licensed, certified HVAC contractor. We stand ready to help you.

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