“What Are Water Efficient Plumbing Systems—and Do I Need One?” Mel in Davis, CA Asks a Plumber

water efficient plumbing systemsMel in Davis, CA is looking to lower her water bill and to just generally use less water in her home. Mel asks:

“Hey there, Bell Brothers! I have an issue at my house here in Davis that I think only a very experienced local plumber can help me out with. I’m definitely not wasteful, but I just keep hearing more and more about how important it is to be efficient with the water you use in your home, especially here in Davis, which is both a college town AND an agricultural hub. Water and the environment are just so important in our little Californian community! Plus, to be totally honest, I really wouldn’t mind saving a little bit of money on my water bill each month. Ha!

Anyway, my question is about something I’ve heard about but want more details on. What I want to know is: What are water-efficient plumbing systems—and do I need one for my home? Now, keep in mind that I’m interested both in being environmentally responsible and also in saving myself some money on my monthly water bills. Thank you so much in advance for your valuable knowledge. I know I can count on The No Surprise Guys!” – Mel in Davis, CA

Hi, Mel! Thanks for reaching out to us here. You’ve definitely come to the right place. Not only do we know the answer to your questions about water-efficient plumbing systems and whether or not your home needs one, but we also know how important the environment is to folks in Davis. And, we know how important saving money on monthly water bills is to folks everywhere, too. So, all of that said, let’s jump right into your question!

What Are Water Efficient Plumbing Systems?

Water-efficient plumbing systems are modifications that you can make to your plumbing that help you use less water without you even noticing that a change has occurred—most of the time. There are many ways to put together a perfect water-efficient plumbing system for your house. Indeed, I often find myself discussing as many as a dozen different water-efficient plumbing system options with homeowners before we settle on an ideal fit for them.

plumbing systems for water efficiencyI’ve talked in the past about plumbing modifications such as water softeners, but water-efficient plumbing systems have different goals, namely, as I mentioned above, using less water without the homeowner noticing a substantial drop in water pressure. For homeowners, there are water-efficient replacement options available for practically all of the many plumbing components in their homes, including toilets, shower heads, faucets, and more.

Do I Need Water Efficient Plumbing Systems for My House?

Whether or not a water-efficient plumbing system is right for your house really depends on you and your home. There are some water-efficient plumbing system components that will actually improve the functionality of your plumbing while saving you water and money. I’m thinking of tankless water heaters.

Tankless water heaters use less water because they heat your water on an as-needed basis. They also make it so your home won’t run out of water on those cold Northern California winter days when your whole house is trying to get a shower before school or work.

Really though, what I always tell people is that whether or not a water-efficient plumbing system upgrade is right for their home depends on their individual preferences, priorities. and situations. In my humble opinion, making a water-efficient plumbing systems upgrade is almost always the right way to go, because there are just so many great new efficient fixtures out there you can invest in that will save you quite a bit on your water bill over the long haul. Either way, I suggest you find a great plumbing contractor to talk you through your own situation.

Will Investing in Water Efficient Plumbing Systems Save Me Money?

Will investing in water-efficient plumbing systems save you money? Well, the short answer is that yes, it will. Simply put, using less water costs you less money, and while it may seem like a modest savings when evaluated in terms of individual months, over 5, 10 or 20 years these kinds of savings can really add up.

Another thing to consider is that in our region we’re lucky to have plenty of energy efficiency home upgrade financing programs.

Another thing to consider is that in our region we’re lucky to have plenty of energy efficiency home upgrade financing programs. These are programs that loan you money, interest-free, for things like water-efficient plumbing systems, so that you can make the upgrades to your home ASAP and then pay for them over the course of several years with the actual money that you’re saving on your water bills. Again, just make sure you work with the right plumbing contractor on all of this.

That should do it in terms of giving Mel and others in her situation the advice they need to decide whether they’re interested in investing in water-efficient plumbing systems. My personal take, as I mentioned above, is that all smart and responsible homeowners should consider taking at least a few water efficiency steps in their home. Who doesn’t like saving money while helping our local environment, which is no stranger to droughts? The key is just making sure they work with the right plumber.

I, of course, recommend contacting the plumbing professionals here at Bell Brothers. Not only are we well versed with all the latest options for water-efficient plumbing systems, but we also have experience working with the financing programs that I mentioned above, including PACE, HERO, SMUD, CaliforniaFIRST, and Ygrene.

Contact the plumbing professionals at Bell Brothers to learn more about water-efficient plumbing systems and whether you need one in your house—whether you live in Sacramento or Davis or anywhere else in our region. Our residential plumbing experts can also offer recommendations that are sure to increase your year-round efficiency—and decrease your water bills.

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