When Is It Time To Replace Your Furnace?

Does your furnace need to be serviced or replaced? It’s making a high pitch noise and the neighbors are starting to complain. Does your furnace make a noise similar to what you hear in horror movies? If so, maybe it’s time to replace your unit. How do you know if it needs to be replaced or just serviced?

A furnace is a machine and like every other machine, it requires regular maintenance to keep it going. If you have been faithful in maintaining your furnace, and it is still making a screeching sound, you will probably need a new unit right away.

Besides hearing the loud noises, there are other indications that your furnace may need replacing. Have you noticed an increase in your power bill? This could be a sign that your unit is working harder and running longer to heat up or cool down your home. Is the temperature different in every room? Sometimes when a unit is not working properly, one room will be hotter than another room. This can be a big difference or a slight difference.

If a furnace runs hard for a long period of time without being serviced, it will eventually stop working. This usually happens when you need heat or air the most, or when you don’t have enough money to buy a new unit. If you service your unit on a regular basis you will feel better knowing you did what was necessary to take care of your unit before it needed replacement.

Check your thermostat first to make sure that it is operating efficiently. Sometimes it is not the entire unit that needs replacing. You may only need to replace one or two simple things, but even the small things can help you save money. If you are experiencing uneven temperatures in each room, it may be advisable to change the thermostat with a newer model.

When in doubt, call a professional. They may have a few suggestions to try before they need to come out to service or replace the unit completely. You will feel better knowing that you tried everything you could in order to find the problem before paying a professional to come out and asses the problem. If you need a replacement unit, the professional will know what would be the best heating and cooling unit for your home.