Do You Need A Sacramento Air Conditioning Company?

There are few things more miserable and uncomfortable than when air conditioning units stop blowing that wonderful, cool air you’re accustomed to, especially when the temperature outside is in triple digits. Your priority becomes correcting the situation for the sake of you and your family’s comfort and sanity. Although there are a number of reasons for air conditioners to stop cooling properly, we have listed the five most common reasons here.

  • Dirty air filters – as inexpensive and simple as replacing them is, ignoring dirty air filters is one of the most common mistakes that people make, and can eventually cost you big money by causing your A/C unit to work itself to the point of malfunction. Air flow is obstructed when air filters are dirty. This leads to a difficulty of operation and decreased energy efficiency. It also causes your electric bills to become increasingly more expensive.
  • Leaking air ducts – air ducts that were not insulated properly when they were installed will eventually begin leaking cool air into the attic of your home, which is literally money flying out the roof of your home. Inspecting the air ducts annually to ensure that they are sealed properly is a must.
  • The air flow is blocked because the coils are frozen over – typically, a low level of Freon is the primary culprit. While you are waiting for the maintenance and service technician to come out and fix the Freon issue, turn off your A/C unit so that the coils start thawing out. You can also just run the fan.
  • Thermostat needs replacing – another possible reason for a decrease in your air conditioning unit’s efficiency is a faulty thermostat or one that is just worn out and needs to be replaced. When a thermostat is on its last leg, it will not send a signal to the condenser to start cooling down the air. Replacing it will correct this issue. In fact, consider replacing that old, worn out thermostat with a programmable one to improve you’re A/C’s efficiency.
  • Your A/C unit is too small to cool down your entire house – when you have too small of an A/C unit, it will work harder. This is going to drive your electricity bill up and eventually cause your unit to quit working because it will be running constantly to compensate for its inefficient operation.

There are a few more simple solutions that you can apply which won’t cost you any money, but may save you plenty:  check to see if the power is disconnected; clean you’re A/C unit no later than the beginning of the warm-weather season (it will usually be dirty); and make sure that you have set your thermostat properly.

If you have done these simple tasks, and the A/C unit is still not responding properly, contact Bell Brothers and schedule a service call. Bell Brothers is a Sacramento air conditioning company. Our technicians will find the problem and give you all the options for a fast and complete repair, or information about energy efficient replacement units.